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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

David takes Killian shopping for new clothes.

This is the best gif set ever.

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Mr. Barnes has the floor.


Mr. Barnes has the floor.

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John: Something wrong?
Rudy: You got this “beauty killer” out there, and I have to hear about it on the news. You don’t think to warn me?
John/Dorian: …
Rudy: What’s the difference between me and all seven of these victims? Hm? I’ll tell you. They’re all dead!
John: You’re worried that you’re gonna be targeted?
Rudy: I was a child model. I have a Rothschild’s nose. My grandmother’s a sixth cousin of the heir.
John: (dafuq; laughs)
Rudy: (glares)

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John Kennex

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Guys! I think I found Hawkeye’s Secret Base! Check it out!


"don’t want you to hurt yourself"

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